Afterdeath (2004)

I originally began working on images of the afterlife in 2001. These were each inspired by the style of a particular artist, as well as someone in my life. The work languished for a while, until an online call for images of the afterlife motivated me to finish them, as well as create new pieces in the series. This is the result.

For the curious, the original titles and dedications of the earlier pieces are:

Shamayim - In Heaven With George And Roger
(dedicated to my uncle George, and inspired by the artist Roger Dean)

Tartarus - In Hell With Howard And Syd
(dedicated to my father, and inspired by the artist Syd Mead)

Elysium - In Elysium With Ginesa And Piet
(dedicate to my grandmother Ginesa, and inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian)

Limbo - In Limbo With Scott And Maurits
(dedicated to my friend Scott Silva, and inspired by the artist M. C. Escher)