The Delphic Deck (2001)

The Delphic Deck is a series of cards based around conceptual words, like "Secret" and "Change". They featured artwork on the front relating to the card's theme, and a word-tree on the back. The word-tree is for generating a horoscope-like fortune that ties in with the card's theme.

The fortune is created from the word-tree by starting at the red text box and writing down the words there. Then you flip a coin and, depending on the side that comes up, follow one of the arrows leaving the text box. For a coin toss that comes up "heads", follow the orange arrow, for "tails", the blue arrow. You then add that word to the fortune, and toss the coin again, repeating the procedure until you reach the end.

For example, a series of coin tossed on the "Secret" card might go like this:

  • [START] A secret
  • [TAILS] plot
  • [HEADS] reveals
  • [TAILS] and you will profit.
Which yields the fortune "A secret plot reveals and you will profit."

The Delphic Deck contains 8 conceptual cards. It was my first project for the Art-O-Mat vending machine project.